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Laura Olin

Social Media Strategist. Writer, Everything Changes.

Learned there is nothing better (or worse) than working on a Presidential campaign.

Believes a fundamental rule of the Internet is that even if what you find interesting seems weird, you’ll be able to find other people that also find it interesting.

“When you feel like the thing you’ve just done is the best and most meaningful thing you’ll ever do, it’s hard to figure out what to do next.”

Thinks hashtags can be a powerful tool for focusing attention because they’re free and open to anyone to use.

Learned from the Obama campaign that people respond best to what’s human and relatable.

“In 2030 no one will remember what Twitter or Facebook are, but I will still talk about it anyway.”

Thinks you can meet the love of your life on Twitter.

Believes the persuasive power of friends asking their friends to do things can’t be measured.

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Thanks to Emerson Dameron for suggesting Laura.

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