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Joshua Foer

Journalist. U.S. Memory Champion. Co-Founder, Atlas Obscura. Author, Moonwalking With Einstein.

Believes there are feats of memory that anyone can do.

Thinks most people work to get “just good enough” at a skill and then reach an “OK plateau” and stop, but that you have to push through that to get to true greatness.

“Creating new memories stretches out psychological time, and lengthens our perception of our lives.”

Believes the point of memory techniques is to take the kinds of memories our brains aren’t that good at holding onto and transform them into the kinds of memories our brains were built for.”

Thinks there are 7 techniques you can use to improve your memory including associating graphic images with things and associating facts with your childhood home.

“Who we are and what we do it is fundamentally a function of what we remember.”

Believes what separates the experts from the rest of us is that they tend to engage in a very directed, highly focused routine.

Thinks we’ve outsourced the role of memory to technology.

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