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Wes Kao

Director, the altMBA. Creator, Lessons Learned.

Believes you should say compliments out loud, because if you don’t say it, it’s as if the thought didn’t occur to you.

Thinks spending a lot of time on incremental polish of your work is a waste of time.

“Life is short, so you should trim the lukewarm parts and only leave room for the best.”

Believes clarity of language and intent is important.

Thinks regardless of what the outcome is, when you do the hard work of getting through to another human being, you grow.

“Words shape our thinking, and our thinking shapes the words we choose.”

Believes your real role models are the people in close proximity to you – they shape what you think is “normal” and what you aspire to be.

Thinks blogging every day can teach you six important lessons, including to define the scope of your writing and forgive yourself when it feels hard.

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