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Christie Aschwanden

Lead Science Writer, FiveThirtyEight. Health Columnist, The Washington Post.

Believes you should stop trying to be creative because creative innovations don’t come from seeking them, but rather from being open to them.

Thinks a mentally challenging career might keep you sharp as you age.

“When it comes to community, you get what you give.”

Believes a surprising number of medical practices have never been tested to see if they really work.

Thinks the most fundamental decision we make as adults is how we want to focus our attention.

“The unglamorous truth about writing for a living is that it often requires stifling your own voice to accommodate the will of the market. It’s possible to lose touch with the joy of creation. The antidote to that loss is to write freely and often.”

Believes grief exposes truths we’d rather left unsaid.

Thinks cancer screenings may harm more people than they help.

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