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Jose Luis Vilson

Math teacher. Education advocate. Author, This Is Not A Test.

Believes you must know your kids in order to teach them.

Thinks teachers do themselves a disservice when they’re not willing to listen to the kids in front of them.

“The only way to deal with true conflict is through it, not around it. Race, gender, and class included. True change requires discomfort.”

Believes teachers need to use their voice to elevate the profession.

Thinks teachers can play a critical role in the move towards racial consciousness and harmony.

“There’s a special sort of courage it takes to tell 90 middle schoolers that you’re in charge of their brains for the next 10 months.”

Believes if teachers don’t speak up about what they do, their jobs will be boiled down to a few talking points that sell books for everyone but them.

Thinks math is a social justice issue.

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Thanks to Jonathan Trenn for suggesting Jose.

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