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Stef Lewandowski

Technologist. Artist. Hacker. Co-founder, Makeshift.

Believes you should create something every day.

Thinks you can make happy accidents happen more often.

“Narrow the idea down to its bare minimum. The tiniest, little component of it. Then just go for it. Just start it!”

Believes you need to get comfortable with killing the bad ideas in order to free yourself to focus on the good ones more quickly.

Thinks the stuff you do in your spare time is ultimately what gets you a good job.

“The best thing to do if you’re starting a startup is to go with a little, big idea.”

Thinks creativity is a habit and it’s one anybody can learn.

Believes in the idea of rapid prototyping, and has a process for taking tiny ideas developing them quickly, releasing them, and investing in the ones that get good feedback.

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