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Jamie Varon

Writer. Graphic Designer.

Thinks we don’t need any more motivation – we need permission to be wherever we are when we’re there.

Believes emotional strength is earned and that it can’t be earned by self-distraction.

“You need to unlearn everything your culture told you about who you are and what your value is in order to do anything you desire to do with your life.”

Believes there are 11 things highly creative people sacrifice for their art including certainty and approval from others.

Thinks you should stop letting people tell you how to live your life and start pointing yourself in the direction of the life you want.

“Self-doubt is not your enemy.”

Wonders why nobody told her that adulthood is boring.

Has 20 things she wishes somebody told her when she was a teenager including to stop curating herself for public consumption and to give yourself permission to be great.

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