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Chelsea Fagan

Founder, The Financial Diet. Author, I’m Only Here for the WiFi: A Complete Guide to Reluctant Adulthood.

Believes you should say yes first, because doing so forces you to make things work and figure it out.

Thinks you should stop chasing your dream job because it doesn’t exist.

“Our lives are a series of events we are not equipped to deal with, celebrations and life changes and big moves and little ones.”

Has seven money rules every restaurant addict needs to know including to remember that takeout is still a restaurant and to treat some things as a meal and some as a taste.

Thinks you might always feel like an impostor, but that can make you more grateful for the little things you can do.

“Save your money and your time, and spend them both wisely on the things that really deserve them.”

Has learned 21 things about success from failing multiple times including if someone isn’t paying you, don’t treat them like they are and be careful about what you put in writing.

Believes being selfish and impatient can be an asset – especially if you’re selfish with your time and energy.

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Thanks to Jamie Varon for suggesting Chelsea.

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