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Bel Pesce

Entrepreneur. Founder, FaziNOVA.

Believes there are five ways to kill your dreams and that you’re responsible for making your dreams happen – if they don’t, it’s your fault.

Thinks we need to prepare for a world where 18-year-olds will have five different careers in their life and that three of those five fields don’t even exist today.

“Achieving your dreams is a momentary sensation and your life is not. The only way to really achieve all your dreams is to fully enjoy every step of the journey.”

Believes people work in different ways and you can’t go against who you are.

Thinks you need to create your own luck.

“Nobody will be better at being you than you.”

Believes your overnight success story is always the result of everything you’ve done in your life up to that moment.

Thinks being a responsible entrepreneur can change your life.

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Thanks to Gui Alvim for suggesting Bel.

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