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Ximena Vengoechea

Design Researcher, Twitter.

Thinks you can architect your life with just 100 post-it notes and an hour of your time.

Believes showing up is more important than planning.

“Limited options provide clarity.  And when you get stuck, sometimes the answer is not more; but it’s less.”

Believes we are the average of the five activities we spend the most time on.

Thinks there are five signs when it’s time to quit your job, including when you’re no longer learning or are in a toxic situation.

“Every time you introduce someone, you brand them for others in some way. If that sounds like a lot of pressure, it is.”

Thinks the one thing people really want to see is what you’ve built, so side projects are the new resumes.

Believes the best conversationalists are the best listeners and has 8 suggestions for how you can become a better listener.

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