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James Victore

Designer. Author, Victore, or Who Died and Made You Boss?

Believes your work is a gift.

Thinks the first rule of business is fun and if you can’t figure out how to make your work fun, you shouldn’t be doing it.

“I don’t believe in shock value. But I do believe in the truth. My choice of imagery always stems from an attempt to find some truth within the subject matter.”

Believes children need to learn how to be bored and that iPhones are killing our discipline, killing our ability for solitude, and killing our ability to be bored.

Thinks it’s important not to chase money.

“I try to put my opinion into the work because my opinion matters. Your opinion matters.”

Believes the particular lies in the universal and that if there’s no passionate message embedded in a piece of design, then there will be no passionate reaction induced by it.

Thinks creative work is not like math and therefore it’s impossible to control and make perfect.

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