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William MacAskill

Associate Professor in Philosophy, Oxford University. Co-Founder, 80,000 Hours and Giving What We Can. Author, Doing Good Better.

Believes anybody can practice effective altruism, a movement based on the idea of doing the most good possible through the use of evidence and reasoning.

Thinks if you want to make a difference in the world, there are two things you should consider about a potential job: The impact you’ll have in that job and how that job sets you up to have a big impact later on in life.

“Few people who have ever existed have had so much power to help others as we have today.”

Believes following your passion is a flawed career strategy because most people’s passions don’t fit well with the world of work.

Thinks it’s possible to find a career that’s both personally satisfying and will make a difference.

“I talk to a lot of people who are very disillusioned by working in the nonprofit sector, because you often feel like you’re achieving nothing.”

Believes the way to find a job you’ll love is to do something valuable.

Thinks most charities don’t have much impact and that you shouldn’t go work for one straight out of college.

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