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Amy Vernon

Writer. Connector. Social Media Consultant.

Believes social media enables the power of connection and that we are now interdependent.

Thinks not everything you try is going to work and sometimes you just need to throw it out and start from scratch.

“Often, even when we know exactly where we’re going, we don’t necessarily know where we’re going to end up.”

Believes the key to getting something from social media analytics is to figure out why you’re measuring things in the first place.

Reminds people that you never know who’s reading what you write on the Internet.

“Being more connected to people all over the world, we are now obligated to help each other.”

Believes if you help other people with things you’re able to help with, that comes back to you tenfold.

Thinks you should expand your definition of what social media is because it can be a lot more than just Facebook and Twitter.

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