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Steven Johnson

Media Theorist. Author, How We Got To Now, Future Perfect, Where Good Ideas Come From.

Believes good ideas are cobbled together from parts of whatever other ideas happen to be nearby.

Thinks the digital economy hasn’t led to the death of the creative career – it’s made it more achievable than ever.

“When you don’t have to ask for permission, innovation thrives.”

Thinks most important ideas take a long time to evolve and usually come from a collision of small hunches.

Believes companies should institute “innovation time off” programs to ensure their employees are always working on something that might seem a little weird, but could become an important innovation.

“Legendary innovators like Franklin, Snow, and Darwin all possess some common intellectual qualities—a certain quickness of mind, unbounded curiosity—but they also share one other defining attribute. They have a lot of hobbies.”

Thinks you should keep a spark file of ideas, and read it in its entirety every few months.

Sees the rise of peer networks providing an alternative to the traditional political party system.

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