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Srini Rao

Author. Host and Founder, The Unmistakable Creative podcast.

Is on a mission to help people figure out what unique contribution they can make to the world.”

Believes the art you consume will have a profound impact on the art you create.

“I don’t believe that we were meant to be ordinary. If we were, we would not have been born with so many extraordinary abilities.”

Believes writing 1,000 words a day can change your life.

Thinks no matter what you do, you have the opportunity to put your signature on something.

“There’s a difference between what you plan to do with your life and how you plan to earn a living.”

Believes the greatest work of your life will require a compass instead of a map, because a map only reveals a limited set of possibilities.

Thinks you should stop chasing perfection, and instead seek just the right level of imperfect in your work.

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Thanks to Rex Williams for suggesting Srini.

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