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Rita Gunther McGrath

Professor, Columbia Business School. Author, The End of Competitive Advantage: How to Keep Your Strategy Moving as Fast as Your Business.

Believes a lot of what we think about business strategy is misplaced because there is no longer such thing as a sustained competitive advantage.

Thinks there are four ways to have more productive meetings including having fewer of them, having an agenda that reflects your priorities, banning bad behavior, and creating a time budget for them.

“Innovation has to become a proficiency. It can’t just be episodic; it can’t just be something we do once in a while.”

Believes there is a new playbook for strategy that depends on six elements including an ability to always be changing, embrace innovation, and improve at disengagement.

Thinks there are five ways to ruin your innovation process including trying to fit innovation into an existing structure and treating assumptions like knowledge.

“Continuously reconfigure what you’re doing rather than depending on a huge seismic change that involves massive restructuring and downsizing.”

Believes you can learn how to see opportunities that others don’t see.

Thinks one of the biggest changes in business today is a shift in focus from industries to arenas.

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