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Brian Hertzog

Blogger. Marketer. Entrepreneur.

Believes committing to something gives you more freedom because you spend less time dealing with the paradox of choice.

Thinks you can achieve more when you involve other people and that’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help.

“When you’re in the midst of everything, as we so often are from behind our eyes, it can be quite easy to lose perspective.”

Believes there’s always room in the market for someone willing to provide remarkable value.

Thinks it’s helpful to manage your mind the way you manage your inbox.

“The way you win as a creative person is to learn to love the work and not the applause.”

Believes opposition is a fact of life and that to lead a heroic life you must be persistent in spite of constant opposition.

Thinks there’s magic in packaging and that great packaging evokes feeling.

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