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Paul Jarvis

Freelancer Evangelist. Author, The Good Creative and Everything I Know.

Believes you can master working for yourself without crushing your soul by following his master plan for freelancers.

Thinks the way to grow an audience is to focus on the audience you already have because growth happens when your audience shares what you do with their audience.

“If we don’t let our weirdness rise to the surface, we don’t let our work stand out.”

Thinks there are 19 things you can do to get your life back on track when something bad happens including not letting anyone set your boundaries and understanding that if no one hates you, no one is paying attention.

Believes too often people confuse being known with being successful.

“The most important part of finishing anything is saying no. I say no so I can say yes to what I’m currently doing.”

Believes freelancers typically go about getting clients the wrong way.

Thinks you should stop doing stuff you don’t like.

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