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Elan Morgan

Writer. Designer. Speaker.

Believes the most important parts of any life or story do not lie in the beginnings or the endings, but in the middles because there are no beginnings or endings.

Thinks there are 40 ways to start and move something forward.

“I want a bit of fear to reign in and guide the decisions I make, to act as a natural warning bell when I move into awkward territory.”

Believes in 9 truths about life, including that giving up can be a beautiful experience and that you will always be thirsty in one way or another.

Thinks when the productive and constructive people go quiet, the unproductive and destructive people end up owning far too much real estate.

“Love is often quieter than hate, but it is sewn into a thousand moments every day.”

Believes all your blog posts should have a time stamp.

Thinks there’s a simple formula to help you write your personal mission statement.

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