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Mitch Joel

Marketer. Author, Six Pixels of Separation and Ctrl Alt Delete. President of Mirum.

Believes the construct of what we thought a career was has fundamentally changed and that we’ve never had a moment in business like the one we’re living through now.

Thinks there are no rules, there are only exceptions.

“True utility happens in the moment of need. Not the brand’s moment of need, but the consumer’s moment of need.”

Believes marketing is everybody’s business and that there’s never been a more important time than now to embrace that philosophy.

Thinks hard work is not always about the hours that are put in, it’s more often about the dedication and devotion to the craft.

“It’s not going to happen if you wait for the boss to tell you to make it happen.”

Believes most interesting careers don’t happen on a linear path – they squiggle.

Thinks new opportunities are being created by consumers who are increasingly concerned not only with what they buy, but who they buy it from.

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