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David Kelley

Founder and Chairman, IDEO. Professor, Stanford University. Author, Creative Confidence.

Is on a mission to help as many people as possible regain the creative confidence they’ve lost along the way.

Thinks creativity can be summoned at will, with a process not unlike the scientific method.

“The main tenet of design thinking is empathy for the people you’re trying to design for. Leadership is exactly the same thing – building empathy for the people that you’re entrusted to help.”

Believes the way to innovate is to find what’s really meaningful to people.

Thinks creativity is something you practice, not a talent you’re born with.

“Bright lights cast dark shadows when shone from only one direction.”

Believes design is magical and that is has some way to routinely come up with ideas that are new to the world.

Thinks if you want the people you work with to do extraordinary things, you have to understand what they value.

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