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Jason Calacanis

Entrepreneur. Angel Investor. Podcaster. Writer.

Believes people starting their careers should concentrate on being great at an important skill, refine that skill faster than their peers, and teach everyone around them everything they’ve learned.

Thinks it’s better to invest in a sponge than a rock.

“You have to have a big vision and take very small steps to get there.”

Thinks the best way to get publicity for your work or your company is to be amazing, be everywhere, and be real.

Believes if you want to come in first, you should aim for second.

“Getting it right is what matters, not getting there first.”

Thinks company culture has become increasingly important as generations have grown up with a different expectation of what work will be.

Believes the way to go from a nobody to a somebody is to be fascinated by other people and their work because that will lead them to discover yours.

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