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Hugh MacLeod

Cartoonist. Author. Co-founder, Gaping Void.

Believes the trick is mastery and that mastery is far more satisfying than money.

Thinks the worst thing an artist can do is see marketing as “The Other,” i.e. something outside of themselves. It’s not.

“History decides if you’re an artist, not yourself.”

Believes good ideas, once they’re out there, alter the power balance of relationships and that’s why they’re often looked down upon at first.

Thinks happiness without a good work ethic is impossible.

“The more original your idea is, the less good advice other people will be able to give you.”

Believes what separates the pro from the amateur in creative work is that the pro shows up to work every day, whether they feel inspired that moment or not.

Thinks the minute you learn how to give is the minute you become successful.

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