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Dorie Clark

Marketing Strategy Consultant. Author, Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future and Stand Out: How To Find Your Breakthrough Idea And Build A Following Around It.

Believes we live in a golden age of ideas and that to find your own breakthrough idea you need to mix different perspectives.

Thinks personal branding is an inside-out phenomenon and to develop yours you have to figure out who you are and then get the rest of the world to see that.

“For any meaningful business transaction, trust—built up over time—is the essential ingredient.”

Believes there are five ways that success will look different in 2020, including that leverage will matter more and social impact will be essential.

Thinks it’s possible to score a meeting with just about anyone.

“Most recognized experts achieved success not because of some special genius, but because they learned how to put disparate elements together and present ideas in a new and meaningful way.”

Believes if you don’t find a way to take control of your career and stand out, you risk being left behind.

Thinks you can tell if somebody wants to stop talking to you by reading their body language.

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Thanks to Sam Horn for suggesting Dorie.

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