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Amy Wilkinson

Strategic Adviser. Lecturer, Stanford School of Business. Author, The Creator’s Code.

Believes everybody can be an entrepreneur because it’s a learned skill set.

Thinks great entrepreneurs have six skills including a willingness to gift small goods and an ability to fail wisely.

“Creators discover what ignites them, then fuel their efforts with a sense of mission that transcends the bottom line.”

Believes you can raise entrepreneurial children by encouraging them to ask how and why things work and by taking the sting out of failure.

Thinks millenials are actually less entrepreneurial than previous generations.

“Creators don’t get stuck looking back. They take lessons forward and avoid the trap of regret.”

Believes successful entrepreneurs are good at finding the gaps where others are not looking.

Thinks the secret to success is to believe you’ve never achieved it.

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Thanks to Sam Horn for suggesting Amy.

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