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Adam Alter

Associate Professor of Marketing at New York University’s Stern School of Business. Author, Drunk Tank Pink.

Believes there are multitudes in all of us and that our personalities vary dramatically depending on the cues that surround us.

Thinks names are incredibly important because they influence more than you realize.

“Each of us is an ongoing product of the world within us, the world between us, and the world around us—and their hidden capacity to shape our every thought, feeling, and behavior.”

Believes people aren’t engineered to take slow-moving threats seriously.

Thinks the easier it is to pronounce a stock’s name, the better it does when it enters the market.

“Both physical and social pain seem less painful when we’re cushioned by symbolic reminders of money, even when the money isn’t real or doesn’t belong to us.”

Believes men are more likely to make riskier decisions when in the presence of attractive women.

Thinks we don’t perceive time objectively.

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