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Vanessa Van Edwards

Behavioral Investigator. Author, Human Lie Detection and Body Language 101: Your Guide to Reading People’s Non-Verbal Behavior.

Believes to be influential you have to use your body language as much as your words to communicate.

Has 10 tips to get the most out of a networking event including where to stand and to take advantage of lines as opportunities.

“Less than 20% of people know what makes us happy.”

Believes there are 6 things you can do to stop feeling like a fraud, and points out that 70% of people suffer from imposter syndrome.

Thinks smiling makes you seem smarter and found that the longer a TED speaker smiled, the higher their perceived intelligence ratings were.

“An interesting maxim about the human race is that we are all extremely different in the same ways.”

Has 33 suggestions to help you be a better conversationalist including to start the conversation with a “How” or “Why” question and to avoid general questions.

Thinks people are only boring if you fail to make them interesting.

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