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Scott Belsky

VP of Products/Community, Adobe. Head of Behance. Author, Making Ideas Happen.

Believes the last thing creatives need are more ideas – what they need is help making their ideas happen.

Thinks your competitive advantage as a maker and/or investor is your clarity and discipline around the overlaps of your interests and beliefs.

“Most ideas are born and lost in isolation.”

Believes too often we let the urgent get in the way of the important.

Thinks it’s important to be willing to evolve your vision.

“Our ability to extinguish new ideas is critical to productivity and to our capacity to scale existing projects. In a team setting, the skeptics—the ones who always question ideas first rather than falling in love with them—are the white blood cells.”

Believes creation must be made accessible for consumption and that doing that is your real job.

Thinks self-awareness is the only sustainable competitive advantage you can find.

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