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Sarah Lewis

Assistant Professor of History of Art and Architecture and African and African American Studies at Harvard University. Author, The Rise: Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery.

Believes sharing your work can connect you with an audience, but doing so prematurely can disconnect you from yourself.

Thinks it’s important to value the gift of a near win and not just ultimate success.

“Mastery requires endurance. Mastery is not merely a commitment to a goal, but to a curved-line, constant pursuit.”

Thinks it’s more important to have a champion than a mentor.

Believes we thrive when we have more to do and sees the value in the “deliberate incomplete.”

“Masters are not experts because they take a subject to its conceptual end. They are masters because they realize that there isn’t one.”

Thinks success is a hollow word because it’s typically a designation someone else gives you.

Believes in the power of wonder.

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