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Rory Vaden

Co-Founder, Southwestern Consulting. Author, Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time.

Can teach you how to multiply your time and show you why everything you know about time management is wrong.

Believes the key to motivation is to have a clarity of vision.

“Channel your emotion into the excellence of doing something rather than the mediocrity of deciding whether or not to do it.”

Thinks there are five ways to become a stronger leader including to provide a vision and influence others’ thinking.

Believes the secret to success is to go hard every day.

“The critical question you have to always be asking yourself: ‘Is what I’m doing right now the next most significant use of my time?'”

Has 15 steps to help you hire good people including to tell people what you believe and have an in-person shadow day.

Believes there are three types of procrastination and that they can be the most expensive hidden cost we have in our businesses and personal lives.

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