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Deanna Zandt

Media Technologist. Co-founder, Lux Digital. Author, Share This! How To Change the World with Social Networking.

Believes intimacy is what makes us human and it’s what’s missing in social networking today.

Thinks Facebook’s goal isn’t to improve our relationships with each other – it’s to improve our relationship with Facebook.

“That voice that tells you you’re selfish — I want you to ignore it.”

Believes teaching women to act more like men is not a good solution to the toxic nature that working life holds for women.

Thinks we can learn a lot from Kermit the Frog, including how to surround yourself with people who do not look like you and who are not always ideologically similar.

“Apathy is the opposite of empathy, and it’s learned behavior.”

Believes the future of work is no longer in clear, straight paths – it’s in networks.

Thinks stories are the cornerstone of any kind of change that happens in the world.

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