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Apollo Robbins

Expert On Pickpockets, Confidence Crimes, and Acts of Deception.

Believes we think misdirection is about looking off to the side, but it’s often the things directly in front of us that are hardest to see.

Thinks it’s fairly easy to convince someone you’re an expert.

“Persuasion or influence is the idea of controlling choices.”

Believes there’s a common denominator between magic, fear, and humor – you have to have layers of deception for it to work.

Thinks the way to avoid being influenced is to maintain an understanding that you can walk away from a negotiation.

“Con games are about confidence – the ability to make you so confident that you don’t question what I say.”

Believes in order to deceive people you have to understand the baseline of how perceptive they are.

Thinks your attention works like money – you have a limited resource and you can choose where to use it or have it stolen from you.

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