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AJ Leon

Professional Troublemaker. Founder, Misfit. Author, The Life and Times of a Remarkable Misfit: A Collection of Essays About Changing the World.

Believes instead of trying to follow a linear path to get where you want to go, you should take advantage of a “coincidence of wants” to figure out other ways to get there.

Thinks you should question everything and be deliberate in the decisions you make because this is not your practice life.

“The cold pressed truth is that you only live this one time, but if you do it right, one time may just be enough.”

Believes you should produce your best work or produce nothing – because anything in the middle is a waste of your time and others’ attention.

Thinks you should actively seek out opportunities to put yourself in proximity of people who want to change the world the way you do.

“Good enough is never the right decision.”

Believes you don’t have to be fearless to succeed and that courage is not the absence of fear.

Thinks you need to avoid confusing the act of consuming and curating with the act of creating.

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